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Reviews of the Best Fisheye Lenses for Canon DSLRs

While wide angle lenses are a staple of landscape photography, the wide angle fisheye lens can offer the same expansive views and perspectives, but with a unique twist. The distortion created by a fisheye lens can present a fun change of pace that you might enjoy. A fisheye is probably not a lens that you will use as often as some of your other lenses, but in the right situation it can be very useful.

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The Best Places to Photograph in Quebec, Canada

Quebec is a large province that has a great deal of natural beauty awaiting visitors and photographers. In Quebec you can find powerful waterfalls, deep gorges and fjords, forests, wildlife, rock formations, and much more. On this page we’ll showcase some of the best places in Quebec for landscape photographers. Each location covered in the article is also shown on the interactive map below. As you are planning your trip to Quebec, one thing to be aware of is that provincial parks (the equivalent to state parks in the US) are called “national parks” in Quebec. There are 3...

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