Best DSLRs for Under $500 in 2017

If you are serious about photography and looking to move up from a smartphone camera or a compact point-and-shoot camera, you will want to research the available entry-level DSLRs. While DSLRs can become quite expensive, there are several excellent options at budget prices. You don’t have to break the bank to buy an expensive camera with every imaginable feature. 

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Interview with Robert Rodriguez, Jr.

I recently had the opportunity to interview landscape photographer, teacher, and author Robert Rodriguez, Jr. Robert lives in the Hudson Valley of New York, and as someone who teaches, speaks, and leads workshops, he has a great deal of insight to share.

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10 Reasons to Love Aurora HDR 2018

When it comes to creating HDR images, there are several options available. You can use the built-in HDR merge in Lightroom or Photoshop, but there are also several apps, plugins, and standalone programs that have been created specifically for working with HDR images. The best one that I have come across is Aurora HDR. Until now Aurora HDR has been available only for Mac users. Next month Aurora HDR 2018 will be released, and it will be available for both Mac and PC!

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Interview with Landscape Photographer Christian Hoiberg

Christian Hoiberg is a talented landscape and nature photographer from Norway, currently living in northern Spain. Christian’s portfolio showcases beautiful photos from around the world. In addition to his personal website, Christian also maintains, where he publishes articles and tutorials. His work has been featured in magazines and online publications like NPhoto Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, CameraPixio and Resource Travel.  

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3 Steps for Creating Panorama Images

Big mountain ranges span the horizon. City views with bridges and buildings shimmer at night. Soft horizons with a minimalist touch sooth the eyes and calm the soul. Dramatic panorama images are easy to create using today’s tools and post processing software.

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Step-by-Step: HDR Merge in Lightroom

There are a number of different ways to merge of blend multiple exposures to create an HDR image. You could use software like Photomatix that has been created exclusively for HDR, you can use Photoshop’s HDR merge, you can do it manually by using layers and masks in Photoshop, and since the release of Lightroom 6/CC you can also do it right in Lightroom with no plugins or additional software needed.

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Amazing Travel and Landscape Photography by Giuseppe Milo

Giuseppe Milo is a travel photographer based in Dublin. He started photographing places around the world in 2013, since then he’s been featured on the National Geographic Daily dozen and on various travel magazines such as Wanderlust, Discovery, Lonely Planet, Matador Network, The Culture Trip and more.

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