Having the right gear with you is an important part of landscape photography. While having expensive gear won't necessarily make you a great photographer, there are certain essentials that you'll need in order to get the shots that you want. On this page we have put together our recommendations for 3 different gear kits (beginner, advanced amateur, and professional). If you're looking for some advice on what gear you need, take a look at these recommendations. These 3 gear kits include Canon cameras, but below the 3 kits we also have some other gear recommendations, including some Nikons that can replace the Canons if you prefer. 

Please note, the prices listed are current as of the publication of this page. We will try to keep it up-to-date, but prices can change at any time.

Recommended Gear for Beginner Landscape Photographers (around $600 total)

Recommended Gear for Intermediate Landscape Photographers (around $2,500 Total)

Recommended Gear for Advanced Amateur or Professional Landscape Photographers (Around $5,500 Total)

Other Recommended Items