Tips for More Enjoyable Photoshop Process

Using Photoshop can be tedious and frustrating, especially when you’re still learning how everything works. Even when you’ve settled into more of a routine and know how to get things done, there are still times when you probably feel just bored or tired of doing the same edits over and over. Here’s how to make the whole process of post-production more enjoyable with some simple Photoshop tips you may not have tried yet.

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The Most-Bought Landscape Stock Ideas

If you’re aiming to make money from your landscape photography, then selling stock is an excellent option that you may not have maximized yet. Stock images can be bought at a low price for single usage, or they can be bought at a higher price for exclusive rights, whichever feels best to you. All of your efforts might go to waste if you’re not capturing the right images for the market, however. Here are some of the best-selling ideas for landscape stock photography, based on the images that have been bought most often in the landscape category. Rising sun,...

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10 Places to Photograph in Utah

Utah is a great place to head for photography, with plenty of opportunities across the state for picture-perfect moments. Photographers enjoy the wild landscapes as well as the animals which call the natural areas their home, as well as the potential for impressive sunsets and sunrises. Here are ten places you will want to head to if you’re ready to head out on a photographic trip.

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Photographing Wildlife

Whether you are photographing birds in your own backyard or lions and elephant on safari –one thing is certain: patience is the name of the game when it comes to capturing amazing wildlife images. Unlike other forms of photography, where you usually have time to reposition yourself or adjust your settings to create the image that you’re looking for –when it comes to wildlife photography, there’s a lot that’s out of your control.

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Tips for Generating Beautiful Bokeh

Bokeh! You’ve no doubt heard the word before and maybe even seen some lurking in the background in some of your images. But bokeh –those out-of-focus spheres of light that appear in the background or in some cases –the foreground of your images doesn’t have to be left to chance! There are plenty of ways that you can incorporate bokeh into your images –intentionally, using it to enhance your photos –and add some flair to your shots.

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25 Beautiful Black & White Landscapes

Shooting in black & white, or converting color images to black & white, often allows you to create powerful, moody photos. Black & white isn’t appropriate for every landscape or nature shot, but when the situation is right, going to black & white can be a very effective approach.

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Best Travel Photography Lenses for Under $1000

Budget travel photography lenses are a hot topic. In today’s market, there are tons of great offerings and it’s sometimes hard to narrow down precisely what’s best. Really, what’s best depends on what sort of photography you’re into.

The lenses here assume you’re into a little bit of everything and want great images for less than $1,000. So here are some of the best travel lenses for under $1,000. We’ll look at a few DSLR lenses as well as a few mirrorless lenses. Regardless of what type of camera you are using, you should find something on this list.

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Tips for Protecting Your Work from Unauthorized Use

Having your work stolen is a photographer’s worst nightmare. Seeing your work sold on t-shirts or greeting cards, or used on websites without your authorization, isn’t something that anyone wants. Particularly if the other party is making money, or using your images for something that you consider to be totally inappropriate, it could be very upsetting for you.

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