A playground for the wealthiest, Monaco is not just one of the most prosperous countries economically speaking. It’s a photogenic country, from luscious green gardens, clustered hills, and magnificent architectural designs to the infamous Mediterranean Sea. This place is way more abundant than money. 

With so many good spots, it’s a nice idea to have a list of the very best areas to take your camera out and click its shutter. Below is a list of places where you can take the best Monaco pictures for your gallery. 

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Palais du Princes

Palais du Princes

Palais du Princes is the official residence of Prince Albert II. The palace is a quick 5-minute stroll through the Rocher lanes or a 10-minute incline hike through the Major ramp for more fit people. The vistas are pretty stunning, so the walk is well worthwhile.

Even though this place is a private residence, it is still open for visitors occasionally. Please take part in the castle tours to learn more about Monaco and the history of its royal family. 

During your visit, you can take your Monaco picture of the Mediterranean Sea’s stunning views. Upon entering the residence, there is an Italian-style gallery. The Blue Room is famous for its blue and gold accent silk tapestry. 

The best Instagram-worthy you can capture here is the Changing of the Guard at 11:55 in the morning. You do not want to miss this ceremony!

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Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix

Nobody wants to miss the infamous Grand Prix in Monaco. The Formula One Grand Prix is unquestionably one of the most thrilling sporting events. Monaco’s circuit is one of those that are used for Formula One racing.

On April 14, 1929, the inaugural Formula One Monaco Grand Prix took place. It’s noteworthy that the Monaco Grand Prix is the shortest of all the races (just 3.337km). 

Boulevard Albert 1 is where the race begins, and Place du Casino is where it ends. The Automobile Club of Monaco is organizing this competition. Even though the region is exceptionally congested during races, it is worthwhile to visit.

Keep in mind that the Cannes Film Festival takes place in May. Make sure to bring your motion camera to take a photo of the fast-moving automobiles. 

Bateau Bus

Bateau Bus

Another great spot you might want to take your Monaco pictures in is the Bateau Bus. It is a tiny boat where you can sit outside and carry your outdoor camera for some snaps as you look back to Monte Carlo.

By just paying 2 Euros for a trip to Port Hercule, you can have a chance to get a glimpse of some lovely views from the water. 

It will only take 3 to 5 minutes to cross the harbor in a fun and exciting way. A day trip would also be best in the evening as the lights glisten while you float on the water.

Musée Oceanographique de Monaco

Musée Oceanographique de Monaco

Who would have thought there would be a guard watching the oceans for over a century? The Oceanographic Museum, built on the side of Monaco’s fabled Rocher, was established by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco’s great-great-grandfather Prince Albert I. 

It has been keeping an eye on the oceans for more than a century. The Museum has more than 6,000 specimens on exhibit and is known for its global expertise. The architecture of the museum is photo-worthy since it elicits the marine world. 

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On Wednesdays, you can visit the touch tank and feed the animals there. A light and sound show will also be found in the Whale Room. Prepare your camera because this place needs your unlimited snaps.

Cathédrale de Monaco

Cathédrale de Monaco

If you have eyes for architecture, then this Monaco picture spot will definitely. The cathedral is situated at 4 Rue Colonel-Bellando-de-Castro. You will be in awe of the intricate details of its facade.

Aside from the Roman-Byzantine architectural design of the building, many notable persons are buried in the area, making it more historic. 

Photo Tip: The cathedral is best photographed when the sun directly hits its exterior. The light and shadow play will create more texture for your snap.

Jardin Exotique

Jardin Exotique

Located at 62 Blvd. du Jardin Exotique, modern Monaco is one of the famous places to visit in this country. Jardin Exotique started receiving visitors in 1933.

The garden encapsulated a lot of species of different varieties from across Latin America, Mexico, and Africa. Any spot here would definitely be beautiful.

The large succulents and cacti will make you feel like you are in Eden of some dessert. Ready your camera and enjoy their Observatory Cave and Anthropology Museum. There are tours available every hour after 10 am. 

Jardin de Saint-Martin

Jardin de Saint-Martin

Looking over the Port de Fontvieille, Saint-Martin is one of the photogenic spots in Monaco. You will see how the orange-washed houses contrast with the aquamarine waters of the port.

This place is near the Palace of Justice. To get the best Monaco pictures, try to angle your camera at your back as you glance through the terrace. Make sure to cover the houses and the waters too! 

Another garden spot is near the statue of Prince Albert I. There are stairs nearby that the photographer can use as a platform to take the photo at a higher angle. The subject should stand the railings as if it is a balcony overlooking the tall, beautiful buildings across. 

Pro Tip: Wear some aesthetic or white pieces of clothing to make your Monaco pictures more pleasing. 

The Meditteranean

The Meditteranean Sea

Lying from the east and south of Monaco, the Meditteranean Sea is known for its deep blue waters across the globe. Beneath the Museum of Oceanography, you will find a pathway connecting to the marina. I will share with you some not-so-famous spots where you can enjoy the view. 

To find this path from Port Hercule, you need to stay by the water. Enjoy the view, and do not forget to take some snaps of the sea! Search for the stone staircase that links you through the rocky beach.

Bridge St Huntsville Movie Theater

Bridge St Huntsville Movie Theater

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Other Things Aside From the Eye-Catching Views

There you go; I hope the list of vantage points will help you on your trip to Monaco. Aside from that, there are also some things worth knowing about the place. You will enjoy the following:

  • The mild climate is terrific!
  • It is a great place to shop luxuriously
  • You can get there by helicopter (if you want an epic experience!)
  • The place will teach you about marine science
  • Movie theater in hunstville

October is the perfect month to visit the place especially when you bring your friends with you. Last but not least, even though Monaco is known for the lavish lifestyle it requires, your travel does not have to be expensive.

There are free museums and viewpoints within the country. Some activities will not cost you a fortune.

However, if you worry about your accommodation, you can stay in a city nearby Monaco. In that way, you can find some affordable places to stay in. Manage your bookings beforehand!

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