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New Features in Lightroom 6: HDR Merge and Panorama Merge

Lightroom 6 (also known as Lightroom CC) was released a few weeks ago and among the most significant and popular new features, especially for landscape and nature photographers, are the HDR merge and panorama merge which allow you to now create HDR images and panoramas without leaving Lightroom. In this video Simon Plant walks through the process of using each of these new features. They are both fairly easy to use and can speed up your editing process by saving you from needed to leave Lightroom to create HDR and panoramic images.

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Free Super Sharp & Vibrant HDR Lightroom Preset

Today we have a free Adobe Lightroom preset that can help to dramatically boost and transform your photos. The preset will boost the dynamic range of your photos, as well as adding vibrance to the colors, and sharpening. Check out the sample before and after photos below, and download it to start using with your own photos. The preset works with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. Download:  Super Sharp & Vibrant HDR Lightroom Preset (714...

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Free Deep HDR Lightroom Preset

This free Lightroom preset will open up the dynamic range of your photos with a beautiful faux HDR effect. The presets works very well with landscapes and nature shots, as well as other types of photos. It can be used in Lightroom 4 and newer. Download it today and try it with your own photos.

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How to Get an HDR Look in Lightroom

HDR photography tends to be a somewhat sensitive topic. Many people either love it or hate it. The purpose of using HDR and exposure blending is not to create unrealistic or fake-looking images, but rather to simply increase the dynamic range of the photo. Many of the best uses are HDR and exposure blending are subtle and can still produce realistic images.

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Free HDR Lightroom Presets!

Free HDR Lightroom Presets!Want to create HDR-like images without spending a lot of time processing photos in HDR software? With these presets you can create beautiful HDR looks very simply in Lightroom. Loaded Landscapes email subscribers get these 5 presets for free! The presets are a sample from our set of HDR Hero Lightroom Presets, a comprehensive set of 100 one-click presets and more than 60 stackable workflow presets for creating your own HDR effects. Every week we publish new articles including tips, tutorials, inspiration, location guides, and more. By entering your email below you are opting in to receive updates from Loaded Landscapes by email, including links to new blog posts, news and announcements, product updates, sales, and marketing messages. Continue...

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7 Common Challenges for New Landscape Photographers and How to Overcome Them

Most landscape photographers are self-taught. They may have read books, watched videos, or used other resources to help along the way, but most have no formal training or education related to photography. When I did a series of interviews with accomplished landscape and nature photographers, I always asked if they had any formal training. About 90% of them said they had no formal training.

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7 Tips For Photographing Facing the Sun

Generally speaking, the advice that we would give is to try to avoid photographing into the sun. Instead, it’s usually better to turn and face the other way, taking advantage of the strong light. On the other hand, sometimes having the sun right in front of you can create an interesting effect – and it might be just what your landscape photograph needs. And if so, here’s how to deal with the challenge of photographing into the sun.

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Tips for Better Urban Landscape Photography

Urban scenes aren’t always considered landscape photos, but they certainly count. From bustling big cities to sleepy small communities, urban landscapes are a subset of landscape photography well worth exploring. So what do we need to consider when making art in the human jungle?

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Interview with Landscape Photographer Jakub Polomski

Jakub Polomski is a self-taught landscape photographer from Poland. He specializes in mountain photography and aerial photos taken by drone. His portfolio is filled with beautiful photos from locations around the world, with a heavy dose of European landscapes. I recently had the opportunity to interview Jakub about his work, and you can read his responses below. You’ll also see several of his photos showcased throughout the interview.

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