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Luminar is a versatile photo editing software made by Skylum (formerly Macphun) that is commonly seen as an alternative to Lightroom. With its adaptable interface, Luminar molds to your style and skill level, allowing you to enhance your photos with ease.

In addition to an assortment of tools and presets, Luminar also provides dozens of creative filters to make your images vivid, vibrant and professional-looking. Filters are the core of Luminar; a collection of different settings that help to adjust and improve your photos based on distinct controls and sliders.

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Filters centered workflow in Luminar means you don’t have to spend time with complex learning. And if you’re new to filters, you can become familiar with them fast. Just watch this quick video to get to know filters better:

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Once you choose what photo to edit, simply pick the filter you want from the right hand side of the screen and adjust its effect from there using easy-to-use sliders.

From giving the sky a deep natural blue to bringing out the warmth of a golden-yellow sun, here are the 10 essential filters to try in Luminar for fantastic landscapes photos.

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1. Orton Effect

With the ability to be simultaneously blurry and sharp, Orton Effect will give your photos a unique look and personality. Use this filter for everything from sunsets on the beach to endlessly cloudy skies.

Orton Effect - before

Orton Effect – before

Orton Effect - after

Orton Effect – after

2. Remove Color Cast

From a green glow over a night time sky, to a yellow-hued color over a bright field of flowers, use this filter to automatically remove unwanted color casts and get that perfectly beautiful and balanced landscape shot.

Remove Color Cast

Remove Color Cast

3. Adjustable Gradient

With this filter, you can select and adjust two different parts of your photo to bring out separate parts of a landscape scene. Make the sand stand out from the blue ocean or the desert floor separate from the desert sunrise.



4. Foliage Enhancer

This is the perfect filter for making lush landscapes come to life. Enhance the orange, red and yellow colors of fall leaves and the greenness in a field of grass. Bring out the vivid colors of nature in all your images.

Foliage Enhancer - after

Foliage Enhancer – before

Foliage Enhancer - after

Foliage Enhancer – after

5. Clarity

This filter will bring out the details in your shots and make them pop. It’s especially great to use in landscape shots to bring out textures — like the veins of leaves and the ripples in water.



6. Channel Mixer

With this filter, you can emphasize or de-emphasize certain colors in a photo. Tone down the yellows of sunflowers in your landscape or bring out the teal green of the sea. Fine-tune from there to create an entirely customized shot.

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Channel Mixer - before

Channel Mixer – before

Channel Mixer - before

Channel Mixer – after

7. Color Contrast

Use this filter to give a somewhat flat image a dynamic feel. Experiment with all parts of your landscape photos — from the land to the water to the sky — and watch your shots transform as you adjust contrast based on the selected range within it.

Color Contrast - before

Color Contrast – before

Color Contrast - after

Color Contrast – after

8. Polarizing Filter

This filter works just like a traditional polarizing filter that is placed in front of the lens. It produces deep blue skies, and contrast in the clouds while also greatly improving the depth of your landscape shots.

Polarizer - before

Polarizer – before

Polarizer - after

Polarizer – after

9. Split Color Warmth

This filter enables you to enhance warm and cool tones. In the same shot, you can bring out the warmth of the sun and the cool blue colors of the sky. Experiment with toning effects as you split the colors and explore creative end results.

Split Color Warmth

Split Color Warmth

10. Top & Bottom Lighting

This is an excellent filter to use in landscape photography when dealing with distinct horizons. Easily adjust the lighting for the top and bottom parts of your image — lower the brightness of the sky and raise the brightness of the ground.

Top & Bottom - before

Top & Bottom – before

Top & Bottom - after

Top & Bottom – after

Whether you’re bringing out the details and making your shots pop or giving them a dynamic feel with adjusted colors, these 10 filters will make your landscape photos as good as the real thing (perhaps, even better).

To discover more about Luminar and all it offers visit Macphun’s website.

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