Photography Guide to Nay Aug Falls (Pennsylvania)

Nay Aug Falls is a rarity among Pennsylvania waterfalls. Unlike most falls that are in state parks, gamelands, or other rural areas, Nay Aug Falls is an urban waterfall. It is in Nay Aug Park in Scranton.

Nay Aug Park actually has an interesting history. This area was home to an amusement park that closed in the 1990s. There is still a small amusement area and two swimming pools. There was also a zoo at one time. The zoo was abandoned for a while, but now some sort of business is using the facility.

As far as photography is concerned, the park is noteworthy for the gorge and waterfalls. There are trails on both sides of the gorge that provide views of the falls.

There are a few different entrances to the park, and parking lots are spread throughout the park. The parking lots can be very crowded, mostly due to a hospital or medical center just outside the park. The red arrow on the map below shows where you want to access the trail. You may be able to park close to that spot, or you may need to walk from one of the other parking areas.

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The Davis Trail and the Rodman Trail both provide views of the falls. I tried the Davis Trail first and it leads to an overlook area with the view below. You’re pretty far from the falls and the view is partially obstructed by the trees. Overall, not a great view for a photograph.

Photography Guide to Nay Aug Falls (Pennsylvania)

Head back the Davis trail and use the pedestrian bridge to cross the gorge. This will put you on the Rodman Trail which leads to an overlook with a better view. From here you are well above the falls.

Photography Guide to Nay Aug Falls (Pennsylvania)

I did see a sign in one spot saying to stay on the trail, but I didn’t see them everywhere. Some people do go off trail to get a closer view of the falls, and even to jump into the river (which is not allowed by the way, and many people have been injured doing this). If you want to explore off trail to get a better view that is an option, but it may not be allowed by the park.

Overall, I enjoyed visiting Nay Aug Falls. The gorge is beautiful and I wish I had more time to hike and photograph, but I was very rushed after visiting a few other places earlier in the day.

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