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Intro to Manual Mode and When to Use It

For those of us who are inherently control freaks, shooting in manual a good thing. If you are getting started with photography, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding which settings to use for a given shot or with changing light conditions. Each of the shooting modes including manual, aperture and shutter priority have their strengths. When shooting in manual, the photographer has control over all the settings.

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52-Week Landscape Photography Challenge

The best way to improve your photography is to simply get more practice. If you make a commitment to get out and photograph on a regular basis you will see the results. With that in mind, we’ve put together a 52-week challenge for anyone who wants to be more active and see their landscape and nature photography skills improve.

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Photographing Water – Solid, Liquid and Gas

The three three states of matter – solid, liquid and gas apply to water. They all look so different that we may not even think about the fact we are simply photographing water. Understanding conditions that create the various states combined with ideas for inspiration will help us take advantage of water’s diverse beauty.

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8 Landscape Photography Rules and How to Break Them

Most of the time, rules are important –and taking the time to learn tried and true photography guidelines is the best way to lay a solid foundation for your photography –helping you to get the best start possible. After all, you’ll need to learn what all those dials and buttons on your camera do, in order to get the most out of it!

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3 Simple Tactics Anyone Can Use to Improve Their Landscape Shots

It can be frustrating to spend countless hours practicing your landscape photography only to be disappointed with the quality of your images. It’s a life long struggle and not one just limited to beginner and amateur photographers. Even the pros go through phases where they feel their images are just missing the mark. The key is to not beat yourself up over it. Rather, study your images with an open eye and try to get to the bottom of what it is about them that just isn’t working.

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Bring Out the Wild in Wildlife Photography

To capture the wild in wildlife, it’s a combo pack of timing, skill, patience and taking many shots. Birds, bears, wolves and other animals are not perfect posers. In most cases we have just a few quick moments to fire a few snaps. We have to think and react quickly. At the same time, we need to be thinking ahead of our subject.

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8 Ways to Improve the Composition of Your Landscape Photos

While there’s no secret bullet that will instantly elevate your photography, one of the best ways to take your photographs to the next level, is learning some of the tried and true compositional guidelines that photographers around the world have used for decades to create fascinating, and dynamic images. But mastering composition isn’t about following a list of hard and fast rules each and every time, instead, these guidelines are best taken as a starting point. They give you a great place to begin if you find yourself looking at the scene before you wondering where to start.

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11 Steps to Tack-Sharp Landscape Photos

Sharpness is a critical aspect of photography, and learning how to maximize the sharpness will allow you to take your landscape photography to the next level. In this article we’ll take a look at the steps you can take to get super-sharp photos.

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