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Light Pollution and Its Impact on Nature and Photography

There has been a lot of talk lately about pollution. Land, air and water pollution are all serious concerns for our environment. But did you know that light can also cause pollution? Though it may seem intangible at first, excessive light from artificial sources does have an adverse effect on us, our environment, health and safety, but also Earth’s ecosystem, including wildlife and insect development.

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9 Safety Tips for Landscape and Nature Photographers

With any kind of job, there are always health and safety issues that might come up. Many of them may not even be obvious until you really think about it. As a photographer, particularly if you work freelance, there is often no managerial structure in place to warn you about hazards and stop you from working in an unsafe manner. Follow these safety tips to ensure that you keep yourself safe even as you take your landscape or nature photographs.

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7 Tips for Taking Great Landscape Photos in Midday Light

Generally, most of us tend to avoid shooting in the midday sun. Noon is when the sun’s rays are at their brightest and harshest, resulting in lighting that can be challenging to work with. Additionally, with the bright sun comes harsh shadows, and plenty of contrast; resulting in images that are often overexposed and blown out.

But while shooting in the midday sun may not always be ideal, sometimes we don’t really have a choice! We can’t always find ourselves on-location during the morning or late afternoon golden hours, and being able to work with the midday sun can help you to walk away with some amazing shots that you would have otherwise missed out on. Additionally, there are some exciting photo opportunities to be had in bright lighting conditions that are different than what’s found at any other time of day.

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Tips for Capturing Wildlife in Landscape Photography

Landscape photos by themselves can be incredibly striking. But what about when we include wildlife? Well as it turns out, our thought processes on composition and technique need to change if we’re going to do regular shoots combining wildlife and landscapes. So let’s take a look at several factors to help you get the most out of landscapes with wildlife.

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Using Fast Shutter Speeds With Landscape and Nature Photography

You’ve probably read a lot about using a slow shutter speed to capture nature and landscapes in a way that looks fantastic. Stars streaking across the sky, rivers and streams in full flow, and many other natural phenomena look great at a slow shutter speed. But when might you want to dial it up instead? These are the best ways to use fast shutter speeds to create a striking effect.

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7 Ideas for Spring Photography Projects

One of the great things about landscape and nature photography is that each season presents unique opportunities. Although I do love the beautiful colors of autumn, spring may actually be my favorite time of the year for photography. After a long, cold winter it’s great to have more hours of sunlight and warmer weather. Trees and plants are coming to life with vibrant greens, and water levels tend to be high the snow melts off, which is great for photographing waterfalls!

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How to Choose a Focal Point for Your Landscape Composition

When it comes to landscape photography we should consider exactly what we want the viewer to focus on and where. This sounds very…obvious. But how do we do so? There’s a certain amount of nuance that photographers don’t always take to heart when looking at a scene. So let’s explore some of these methods below so you can pick your favorite at any time.

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How to Take Beautiful Photos in the Forest

Forests are an integral part of many landscapes. While they can often accent the mountains of a landscape photo they are also excellent places to create landscape photographs centered around the trees themselves. It only takes some minor adjustments in thinking over traditional landscape photography. So how do we capture stunning forest landscape images?

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Tips for Better Urban Landscape Photography

Urban scenes aren’t always considered landscape photos, but they certainly count. From bustling big cities to sleepy small communities, urban landscapes are a subset of landscape photography well worth exploring. So what do we need to consider when making art in the human jungle?

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