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The Best Lenses for Landscape Photography

Regardless of whether you are a hobbyist or professional you will want to get the best quality images for the time that you spend photographing nature. Part of getting great results involves being properly equipped. There are so many different lenses available that it can be a little overwhelming at first to know which ones will be the best choice for your landscape and nature photography.

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The Filters Factor: Adding WOW to your Images

The filter factor! As photographers we all want to spend time in the field creating beautiful, impactful images. Filters can play a significant factor in making that happen. Photographers almost universally agree that lighting is extremely important, if not the most important element. Lighting brings out detail, frames our subjects and plays a major role in our composition. The right lighting when combined with good composition and techniques, makes our images shine. When the lighting doesn’t work, many of those files end up being dropped quickly into the digital dumpster. The use of filters provides additional creativity and management of light.

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Protecting Your Work and Your Camera Gear The Right Way

Our photography work is more than just a photo. It’s our work, our vision, our end result and our personal investment of time and money. We spend a lot of money on our cameras, lenses, accessories, computers and post processing technology. When we start totaling up the dollars to replace the replaceable (i.e. a broken lens, camera, etc), it can put a serious hit on the pocketbook.

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An Intro To Filters For The Landscape Photographer

The use of filters when shooting has become somewhat of a debated topic over the past few years, as many photographers are looking towards in-camera color balancing, bracketing, and various other post production techniques to accomplish the look they are going for. While it may be possible to replicate some filter-like effects in post production, certain types of filters have proven to be irreplaceable and are the unsung heroes in many landscape photographer’s gear bags. Here are three of the most common filters used among landscape photographers.

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13 Accessories That Should Be in Every Landscape Photographer’s Camera Bag

Being prepared is a big part of having success as a landscape photographer. That preparation can involve scouting locations, understanding the weather and lighting, and having the right gear with you. Of course, a camera, lens, and tripod are essential for landscape photography, but there are also several other accessories that you should always have in your camera bag in case you need them. In this article we’ll look at 13 different accessories that will prove to be extremely useful to you.

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Landscape Lenses: The Characteristics

In this video Simon Plant discusses some of the factors involved in selecting the right lens for your landscape and nature photos. Choosing the right lens is obviously an important part of your photography, and Simon points out that a wide angle lens, although it is a popular choice for landscapes, is not always the answer.

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Gear and Resources for Night Photography

Landscape photos taken at night can have a completely different feel as compared to a photo of the same scene taken during daylight hours. Night photography also presents plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful images of the moon and stars. Night photography has some specific gear requirements, and there are also a number of apps and resources that can prove to be invaluable. Here you’ll find a description of resources, gear, and accessories that can help to take your night landscape and night sky photography to the next level.

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