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Tripods, Monopods, and Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is an incredibly important tool that new and even intermediate photographers don’t always think about. Handheld photography is easier than ever nowadays and it just feels and looks natural. Plus, who wants to carry around a bulky tripod or even monopod? People who want the sharpest images possible, that’s who. We’re going to explore three of the most common forms of image stabilization below, but it’s also good to discuss what it is and why it matters as well.

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How to Keep Your Photography Gear Safe While Traveling

For most landscape photographers, few things are as exciting as the prospect of a trip to a new destination. The chance to capture images of a different location is something that we look forward to! But when it comes to packing your gear, flying with your camera, and then toting it along with you while you see the sights and cover new ground –the reality soon sets in. Traveling with fragile and bulky gear can be complicated

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Best DSLRs for Under $500 in 2017

If you are serious about photography and looking to move up from a smartphone camera or a compact point-and-shoot camera, you will want to research the available entry-level DSLRs. While DSLRs can become quite expensive, there are several excellent options at budget prices. You don’t have to break the bank to buy an expensive camera with every imaginable feature. 

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8 Situations When You Should Use Filters

They’re inexpensive, lightweight, and extremely effective –there’s a reason that filters are the go-to accessory of choice for most professional landscape photographers. They may not look like much, but the humble filter can make a real difference in the quality of your photos –helping you to capture images that would otherwise be impossible, or at least difficult to photograph. From polarizers –that can cut through glare and improve the saturation of your colors, to graduated neutral density (GND) filters –that can help to balance out the exposure in your images, and neutral density (ND) filters which can be used to capture silky, soft waves and waterfalls –there’s no shortage of ways that you can use filters to enhance your images.

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Prime Or Zoom Lenses: Which is Right for You?

It’s a special moment when we purchase a new lens. We anticipate the creative possibilities. We plan our next shoot to take advantage of our new family addition. Some of us go as far as staring at the box for a while, relishing that moment of “I finally have my new lens and my camera bag is complete.” Ok, the ‘complete’ part is a slight exaggeration. Our camera bags are never complete. Camera equipment is a significant investment of dollars and not something that the majority of photographers take lightly.

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