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Bring Out the Wild in Wildlife Photography

To capture the wild in wildlife, it’s a combo pack of timing, skill, patience and taking many shots. Birds, bears, wolves and other animals are not perfect posers. In most cases we have just a few quick moments to fire a few snaps. We have to think and react quickly. At the same time, we need to be thinking ahead of our subject.

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8 Ways to Improve the Composition of Your Landscape Photos

While there’s no secret bullet that will instantly elevate your photography, one of the best ways to take your photographs to the next level, is learning some of the tried and true compositional guidelines that photographers around the world have used for decades to create fascinating, and dynamic images. But mastering composition isn’t about following a list of hard and fast rules each and every time, instead, these guidelines are best taken as a starting point. They give you a great place to begin if you find yourself looking at the scene before you wondering where to start.

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11 Steps to Tack-Sharp Landscape Photos

Sharpness is a critical aspect of photography, and learning how to maximize the sharpness will allow you to take your landscape photography to the next level. In this article we’ll take a look at the steps you can take to get super-sharp photos.

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8 Things to Photograph on Rainy Days

For many photographers, the mention of rain is enough to send them running for cover. But this is unfortunate, considering the fact that rainy days present some great photo opportunities just waiting to be captured. Ironically, sometimes bad weather can result in ideal photography conditions. Rainy days can add drama and a sense of moodiness to your images, transforming ordinary landscapes, or even urbanscapes into mysterious and unique settings.

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Introduction To Shooting Modes And When To Use Them

If you want to make a big impact on the quality of your photography, one of the best things you can do is get to know your camera. Read the manual that came with it, get some hands on practice, and learn as much about it’s capabilities as possible. This includes familiarizing yourself with it’s shooting modes, which is a great jumping off point for new photographers into the world of digital photography.

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Photographing Landscapes in All Weather

While we all love to capture beautiful scenes in outstanding weather, the fact is that more often than not, when we’re out with our camera –or presented with an opportunity to capture some landscapes, we find ourselves shooting in conditions that may be less-than-ideal.

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Introduction To Black And White Landscape Photography

Though the interest in black and white photography has somewhat eased over the years, it has withheld the test of time and become a classic technique which is still widely used today. Understandably so, considering how great black and white photographs look when they are done well–especially landscape photography.

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