Loaded Landscapes is a collaborative effort involving several different photographers and writers. If you have an article idea that you think would be a good fit for our site, please feel free to contact us. We publish a wide variety of types of articles that are related to landscape, nature, wildlife, and travel photography. Our articles include tips and tutorials, guides to locations of interest, showcases for inspiration, and interviews. We publish content focused on post processing (mostly Lightroom and Photoshop) in addition to photography-related content. We’re also interested in video content if that is within your areas of expertise.

We’re open to one-time guest article submissions, as well as regular contributors. Most of our regular contributors produce one article or video per month. Regular contributors are paid for their, but one-time guest posts are not paid. Our rates vary depending on the type of article and the experience of the photographer/writer. Rates range from $20 – $150 per article.

Before submitting an article, please contact us to see if it is a topic that would be of interest to us.