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Interview with Landscape Photographer James Bell

James Bell is a landscape photographer specializing in the Lake District. His book Capture Lakeland is a collection of photos from locations throughout the lake district. James has kindly agreed to do an interview for us, so I hope you enjoy getting to know more about him and his work. 

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Interview with Karina and Amir from Vanexus Photography

Karina and Amir are a couple based in Vancouver that specialize in landscape photography. Get to know more about them, their lives and work as a photographic team in this interview, and I’m sure you’ll pick up some inspiration from their photos that are showcased throughout the article.

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Interview with Polar Photographer Joshua Holko

Joshua Holko is a landscape and wildlife photographer who specializes in the Arctic and Antarctic areas. He spends most of his time in remote destinations (or traveling to and from), photographing wild scenes that most people will never experience firsthand.

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Interview with Jennifer Renwick

Jennifer Renwick is a landscape photographer who travels throughout the American west. Along with David Kingham, Jennifer leads workshops at locations throughout the west. I recently had the opportunity to interview Jennifer. I’m sure you will appreciate the insight that she provides, and you’ll also enjoy the showcase of her beautiful photos.

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Interview with Michael Breitung

I recently had the opportunity to interview Michael Breitung, a landscape photographer from Germany. You may be familiar with Michael’s YouTube channel where he shares tutorials and tips from his photography trips in various parts of the world.

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Interview with Landscape and Travel Photographer Pratap J

 Pratap J is a landscape and travel photographer from India and he recently agreed to participate in an interview. In addition to his own photography outings, Pratap also manages a photo blog and leads photography workshops and tours. You can learn more about Pratap at his site,

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Interview with Ruth Grindrod

Ruth Grindrod is a landscape photographer based in Norfolk, East Anglia, England. Her photos mostly showcase the natural beauty of the United Kingdom. She has a great deal of experience as a photographer and teacher, and recently I had the opportunity to interview her.

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Interview with Robert Rodriguez, Jr.

I recently had the opportunity to interview landscape photographer, teacher, and author Robert Rodriguez, Jr. Robert lives in the Hudson Valley of New York, and as someone who teaches, speaks, and leads workshops, he has a great deal of insight to share.

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Interview with Landscape Photographer Christian Hoiberg

Christian Hoiberg is a talented landscape and nature photographer from Norway, currently living in northern Spain. Christian’s portfolio showcases beautiful photos from around the world. In addition to his personal website, Christian also maintains, where he publishes articles and tutorials. His work has been featured in magazines and online publications like NPhoto Magazine, Landscape Photography Magazine, CameraPixio and Resource Travel.  

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