Author: Simon Plant

How to Customize the Effects of Lightroom’s Graduated Filter

The graduated filter tool is Lightroom is extremely useful for landscape and nature photography. You can use this tool in a similar way that you would use a graduated neutral density filter on a lens, to balance out the exposure of the image. It’s common to have a scene where the sky is much lighter/brighter than a dark foreground, and Lightroom’s graduated filter can really make a big difference by balancing out that exposure.

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How to Remove Distractions with Photoshop’s Paint Brush

It’s not uncommon that your photos may have some elements that distractions. Photoshop’s clone stamp tool is extremely helpful for removing these distractions and improving your photos, but in some cases it just doesn’t work. The clone stamp tool needs data from the photo to know what it should do, and you will have some situations where it doesn’t get the results that you want.

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How to Use Lightroom’s HSL Sliders to Improve Your Landscape Photos

Lightroom makes it possible for you to improve and enhance your photos in many different ways. If you’re not familiar with Lightroom’s HSL sliders or what they can do for your photos, this video will demonstrate how they work and what they can do for you. The HSL sliders give you fine control over the colors in a photo and there are a number of different ways you can use them. While the HSL sliders are useful for all kinds of photos, they are especially useful for landscape and nature photos. In this video Simon Plant demonstrates the HSL...

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