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Author: Sheen Watkins

Winter Photography with a Chill

Spring, summer and fall surrounds us with vibrance, color and warmth. Winter brings short days, long evenings and temperatures that in some areas can be downright dangerous if not prepared. The first few days of 2018 welcomed winter storm Grayson along the eastern seaboard and frigid conditions in the midwest. The deep south, even Florida experienced cold, icy conditions and some snow.

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Photography Workshops – Local to Global

The learning curve in photography is an individualized, evolving journey. For outdoor photographers the ‘individual’ also refers to the fact that many of our field hours are solo. We self-teach, self-motivate and sometimes we may even psyche ourselves out. Photographers are a naturally talented crew. However, we can always add to our existing skills with external stimuli. Photography workshops can enhance and inspire our inner artist. The diversity of ideas, learning new techniques and forcing ourselves to try something different makes our photography richer and more impactful.

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Finding & Photographing the Northern Lights

One look at the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and you’re destined for a speechless moment. For night sky photographers, the northern lights represent an amazing photo opportunity. For others, it’s simply a must-see for those who enjoy night skies and star-gazing.

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3 Steps for Creating Panorama Images

Big mountain ranges span the horizon. City views with bridges and buildings shimmer at night. Soft horizons with a minimalist touch sooth the eyes and calm the soul. Dramatic panorama images are easy to create using today’s tools and post processing software.

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Optimizing Exposure: Shutter Speed

Shutter speed represents the amount of time the sensor is exposed to light. We use shutter speed to freeze motion. We use shutter speed to create movement and emphasize the feeling of motion. The various shooting modes of manual, aperture priority and shutter priority impact and manage shutter speed. Each mode goes about it a little bit differently.

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Prime Or Zoom Lenses: Which is Right for You?

It’s a special moment when we purchase a new lens. We anticipate the creative possibilities. We plan our next shoot to take advantage of our new family addition. Some of us go as far as staring at the box for a while, relishing that moment of “I finally have my new lens and my camera bag is complete.” Ok, the ‘complete’ part is a slight exaggeration. Our camera bags are never complete. Camera equipment is a significant investment of dollars and not something that the majority of photographers take lightly.

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