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Author: Earl Goodson

Best Travel Photography Lenses for Under $1000

Budget travel photography lenses are a hot topic. In today’s market, there are tons of great offerings and it’s sometimes hard to narrow down precisely what’s best. Really, what’s best depends on what sort of photography you’re into.

The lenses here assume you’re into a little bit of everything and want great images for less than $1,000. So here are some of the best travel lenses for under $1,000. We’ll look at a few DSLR lenses as well as a few mirrorless lenses. Regardless of what type of camera you are using, you should find something on this list.

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Best (and Best Bargain) Wildlife Lenses

Wildlife photography lenses come in a dizzying array of options, just like any other lens choice. The major factors I want to consider while shopping are whether the lens provides enough reach (focal length) for my shy and often distant subject. Weatherization to keep light rain and dust out of my lens is always handy in the outdoors. And image stabilization is nearly mandatory. So let’s look at some of the best (and best-for-the-money) wildlife lenses available today.

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How to Choose the Right ISO for Your Nature Photos

ISO is a foundational principle for photography. It is one of the three elements of the Exposure Triangle, along with Aperture and Shutter Speed. Exposure is all about lighting, of course, and how much of it our film or digital sensors are exposed to. And precisely controlling that amount is crucial to creating great pictures. When you’re fully in Manual Mode, you have control over all three elements.

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Debunking 4 Common Landscape Photography Myths

Landscape photography, like any art form, is full of established ideas that are better known as myths. You’ll find plenty of people to argue their truth yet they hold little real substance in the photography world. What are some of the most common myths in photography today?

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Best Backpacks for the Landscape Photographer

When looking for a camera bag aesthetics, functionality, price, and durability all vie for our attention. Each bag here takes these factors into account and are highly rated as being some of the best bags for the landscape photographer. While other bags may look nicer, a leather bag won’t protect your sensitive electronics nearly as well as treated nylon in a sudden rain. Satchel bags are sometimes easier to access tools from but are not as comfortable as a backpack when hiking hours to your scenic vista. Therefore, the bags here are all backpacks using mostly durable synthetic blends that resist the elements and snagging branches.

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How to Create Amazing Abstract Nature Photos

Abstract photography can be hard to grasp. Before we get into the technique it might be useful if we define what an abstract image actually is. Abstract photography, as defined by Wikipedia, “is a means of depicting a visual image that does not have an immediate association with the object world.”

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Tips for Taking Great Landscape Photos at Epic Locations

What’s an epic location? For this article, it’s any spot that’s naturally photogenic. A stunning mountain is the most obvious example — it’s hard to take a bad photograph of Mount Fuji or Rainier. Another epic location might be the striking skyline of Hong Kong or the beaches of the Maldives.

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Tips for Capturing Wildlife in Landscape Photography

Landscape photos by themselves can be incredibly striking. But what about when we include wildlife? Well as it turns out, our thought processes on composition and technique need to change if we’re going to do regular shoots combining wildlife and landscapes. So let’s take a look at several factors to help you get the most out of landscapes with wildlife.

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