Oak Alley Plantation (Louisiana)

Photo by James DeMers / CC0

Oak Alley Plantation is located in Vacherie, Louisiana, about a one-hour drive west of New Orleans. There are several plantations in the area that offer tours (for a fee), and Oak Alley is among the most popular. It is named for its famous double row of oak trees that stretches about 800 feet long and runs between the house and the Mississippi River. (You can’t actually see the river from the house because of a levy.)

Photographers love the rows of oak trees and plantation house. You can photograph from the sidewalk facing towards the house, or get a nice view from the balcony looking away from the house. Because this is a popular tourist attraction, getting shots with no one on the sidewalk can be a challenge. You may have to wait a while for tour groups to pass or other photographers to clear out before you can get the shot that you want. Like most other tourist destinations, if you visit on a weekday or at off-peak times you will typically experience smaller crowds.

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In addition to the typical photos looking up or down the sidewalk, the trees can be great subjects on their own. These 300-year old trees easily pre-date the current house. They reach as high as 75 feet and have canopies that spread up to 100 feet. They definitely are remarkable and beautiful trees. Other plants around the property are also worth photographing.

Oak Alley Plantation (Louisiana)

Photo by Marit and Toomas Hinnosaar / CC BY 2.0

The entrance fee for an adult is $22 (as of March, 2017 – check the website for current pricing and hours). Admission includes a guided tour of the house and self-guided tours of the property. The plantation has a restaurant and cafe, so you can easily stay for a while and get all of the photos that you want.

If you are planning to use photos of Oak Alley for commercial purposes I suggest contacting them. They list a contact person here for licensing.

Oak Alley Plantation (Louisiana)

Photo by USA-Reiseblogger / CC0

If you are in New Orleans and looking for some places outside of the city to photograph, Oak Alley is an excellent choice.

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