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20 Surreal Landscapes Around the World

In a recent article we showcased surreal landscapes in the United States, and today we’re extending that to showcase amazing and surreal destinations in other parts of the world. If you’re looking for dream destinations for landscape photography this list should provide plenty of possibilities.

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Photographing Mill Creek Falls (Pennsylvania)

There are at least two waterfalls in Pennsylvania named Mill Creek Falls, but the one covered in this article is located in southern York County, just a short distance from northern Maryland. While it is not as well known as some other waterfalls in Pennsylvania (like the falls at Ricketts Glen State Park, Bushkill Falls, or the Delaware Water Gap), it is extremely picturesque.

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The Best State Park in Each State

Many national parks get a lot of attention as being some of the best locations for landscape photographers. Although national parks present great opportunities for photographers, state parks should not be overlooked. There are many amazing state parks throughout the United States, and you probably won’t need to travel as far to reach several great state parks as you would need to travel to reach a national park.

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Autumn Trip to Kilgore Falls (Maryland)

Getting to Kilgore Falls is pretty easy, with just about a 5 minute hike. If you go at the right time it can be a very peaceful place. My recent visit on a November weekday allowed me to be the only person in the area, which was great for being able to photograph the falls and enjoy the beautiful setting.

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