Spend more time taking photos
and less time editing
The night sky is a delicate object to work with – it’s tricky, whimsy and makes you work extra hard to get beautiful results. With our set of night sky presets for Adobe Lightroom, you can get incredible results, and spend less time processing each set – allowing you to spend more time out in the field, taking pictures.
No more tweaking, fine-tuning,
and messing with lightroom settings
Post-processing is, for most photographers, a necessity. Whether you like it or not, night sky photography is much more demanding to the post-processing than your regular landscape photo shoot. The results of a properly-processed photograph, though, are a sight to behold. Most of the photographers I know – including myself – would rather spend more time in the field taking photos rather than sitting in front of a screen for hours, processing each shot.
So, how can you find the right balance between post-processing and taking new shots? By using our Night Sky Presets for Adobe Lightroom! With our simple, easy to use presets, you can easily modify and edit photos quickly, with absolutely stunning results.
You no longer need to spend hours fiddling with contrast, brightness and other settings on Lightroom. Give our Night Sky Presets a try – and see how much time you can save.
More than 260+ presets included
Our Night Sky Presets pack is the most complete, comprehensive and versatile set of presets that we know – it’s been designed specifically for processing the night sky photographs in every setting imaginable, and nothing else. From long exposures of the stars to snapshots of brightly-lit night skies in cities and towns – this preset pack will help you bring out the full potential of every shot.
This package includes plenty of one-click presets for instant results, as well as a number of graduated filter presets and workflow presets, which help you enhance and fine-tune your images, and quickly get the results that you want.
Spend more time doing what you love
in the field – and don’t let post-processing
be a daunting task
Lightroom is a powerful tool for improving your photos. But when you have to spend five, ten, or even twenty minutes adjusting and modifying each one of your photos to make them look their very best, this takes away from the time you can dedicate enjoying your time in the field.
I don’t need to tell you how good it feels to venture out into the field and take in the expanse of the night sky. Journeying to the countryside, far away from light pollution, to sit in the cold and take a long exposure of the Milky Way. Scouting out the perfect location for a night-time cityscape. It is what the night photography is all about.
That’s precisely the reason why we’ve developed the Night Sky Presets Pack. Your passion is photography, and that should be your focus. By using our years of Lightroom editing expertise, we’ve been able to compile a set of Night Sky Presets that can be used for just about any night sky photo.
Using our system of presets, you can quickly process each one of your photos, making tweaks and adjustments, as necessary. This system works for any night sky photo and saves you a tremendous amount of time and energy. You’ll spend less time in Lightroom, and more time in nature, capturing the scenic beauty of the night sky. If you ask us, that’s a great thing.
Get better results
In less time
Give me the presets
Process all of your photos with just a few clicks
Avoid time-consuming editing sessions
Focus on taking photos, not spending frustrating hours behind the computer
Once you’ve tried our unique system of presets, we’re sure you’ll never go back.
Why our night sky presets
for adobe lightroom are different
Unlike some other night sky packages out there, our Night Sky Presets are:
Tailor-made specifically for the demands and needs of both professional and amateur night sky photographers
Flexible enough to be used in hundreds of night sky scenarios, from clear skies to full moons, overcast nights, city landscapes and more
Multi-purpose and optimized to maximize the end result of your photos
What comes with the night sky presets package?
80 1-click presets
All of our 1-click presets have been designed to provide you with stellar results for your photographs. The ColorBoost1 preset, for example, will provide your image with a boost in saturation and colorization, to bring out the hidden depth of color in your photo, with vibrant blues, purples, and more. As another example, the GalaxyReveal preset is intended to help bring out faint details from your photos, revealing a bright, detailed image, which is ideal when taking photos of the night sky.
17 1-click B&W presets
Our set of 1-click presets also includes a number of black & white presets, custom-tailored to create a unique mood and atmosphere for your night sky photographs.
37 graduated filter presets
Our graduated filter presets can be used alongside one-click presents in order to make enhancements to select parts of your images. The SkyEnhancer filter, for example, provides a boost in brightness to the upper portions of your image, which allows you to correct for color, brightness, and clarity. Using this set of presets, you can easily fine-tune specific elements of your photos, without spending hours fiddling with settings on your own.
130+ workflow presets
Finally, you will get a full set of workflow presets, which allow you to make more subtle changes to your images. You’ll have more flexibility, allowing you to stretch your creativity, while still taking advantage of the time savings of using pre-built Lightroom presets.
What Our Customers Are Saying:
With these Night Sky presets, I’ve been able to spend less time on my computer, and more time on my passion. I couldn’t be happier.
I’m just starting out in with night sky photography, and these presets have made a huge difference. I feel more comfortable with Lightroom, and don’t have to spend as much time editing.
I’ve been using these presets while shooting the night sky during my travels in Europe. I’ve taken photos just about everywhere from national parks to larger cities, and these presets have never let me down.
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