Raymondskill Falls

Raymondskill Falls is credited in some places as being the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania at about 150 feet. This multi-tiered waterfall and that is a combined height of all the tiers. A small pool of water separates the lower tier from the top two tiers.  The common view of Raymondskill Falls (shown in the photo above) only includes the top two tiers.

Located in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Raymondskill Falls is one of many waterfalls in the area that is worth visiting. Other nearby falls include Dingmans Falls, Silverthread Falls, Bushkill Falls, and the falls at George W. Childs Park (Factory Falls, Fulmer Falls, and Deer Leap Falls). Those are just the most popular falls, there are many more as well. For details on the falls in the area please see our Guide to the Delaware Water Gap Waterfalls and our Guide to Bushkill Falls.

There are a few factors that make Raymondskill Falls a great place to photograph. First, it is a tall waterfall with a high volume of water (especially in the spring), and it is rather picturesque. Also, the National Park Service maintains a short trail that leads from a parking lot to a nice viewing area.

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Getting to Raymondskill Falls

The GPS coordinates of the parking lot are 41.29016, -74.84104.

The parking lot is on Raymondkill Road, which is route 2009. This is a fairly remote area, but not as remote as some other parts of the Delaware Water Gap. On the Pennsylvania side of the Delaware River, Route 209 runs north and south through the Water Gap. Raymondskill Rd intersects with 209 just north of the Raymondskill Creek. From there it is just a short drive to the parking lot.

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From the parking lot there is a short, but steep trail that leads down to the viewing area. The trail is rocky and very uneven. There is a fence/rail on the edge and it is not a particularly difficult hike since it is just a short distance. First you will come to a viewing area above the falls. As far as photography is concerned, you don’t have a great view here. Keep going down and the trail will lead to a large viewing area that provides and ideal spot to photograph the upper two tiers of Raymondskill Falls. This location is shown by the photo at the top of the page and the vertical photo below.

Raymondskill Falls

If you want to get a view of the lower tier of Raymondskill Falls you will need to go off the trail. The unofficial hike to the bottom is very steep and not recommended. If you are like most visitors you will be content with the view from the official viewing area, then head back up the trail and move on to photograph some other waterfalls in the area.

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In the Area

Although it is one of the larger waterfalls, or actually the largest if you are counting all the tiers, it is usually not very busy. I have had the place to myself each time I have been there. Other local waterfalls like Dingmans Falls, Bushkill Falls, and the George W. Childs Park attract many more visitors.

If you’re looking for details on other falls to photograph be sure to see our Delaware Water Gap Waterfalls Tour outline that tells you where to go on a self-guided tour.

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