3 Simple Tactics Anyone Can Use To You Can Level Up Their Landscape Shots

Photo by htt_billy / CC0

It can be frustrating to spend countless hours practicing your landscape photography only to be disappointed with the quality of your images. It’s a life long struggle and not one just limited to beginner and amateur photographers. Even the pros go through phases where they feel their images are just missing the mark. The key is to not beat yourself up over it. Rather, study your images with an open eye and try to get to the bottom of what it is about them that just isn’t working.


1. Wake Up Earlier

Not everyone is a morning person, I get it, I certainly fall into this category. But if you are serious about improving your landscape photography, waking up at an ungodly hour in the morning is something you need to get used to. Quite often, the early morning light from the sunrise is the best time to get your shots. Of course, sunset is also another great time of day, but don’t limit yourself to only having 30 minutes a day to shoot, when you can wake up a little bit earlier and double the amount of golden hours in your life.

Landscape photography is not for the lazy. Like most hobbies, it takes discipline and high levels of dedication to master.

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3 Simple Tactics Anyone Can Use To You Can Level Up Their Landscape Shots

Photo by tpsdave / CC0

2. Be More Adventurous

Scenic overlooks and popular photo op spots are frequented for a reason, they offer amazing views with minimal effort. While it’s okay to indulge in these and enjoy what they have to offer, it’s crucial you tap into your adventurous side on occasion and take the path less traveled.

Blaze your own trails and look for landscapes that haven’t been photographed 1000 times in the last 24 hours. Not only will it make you appreciate your craft more, but you’ll have the advantage of photographing the unknown. And if there’s one thing that makes a photo interesting it’s showing the viewers something they have never seen before.

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So if you find yourself stuck in an overcrowded tourist destination, put your thinking cap on and look for new ways to capture it. Change your angle, try different shutter speeds, practice motion blur techniques. Try new things until you have an original photograph!

3 Simple Tactics Anyone Can Use To You Can Level Up Their Landscape Shots

Photo by asmuSe / CC0

3. Learn More About Post Processing

For some reason, no one likes to admit they edit their photos. Yet, it’s something we all do. Or, at least we should be doing. Post production is an essential skill, especially in the digital era. If you’re shooting RAW, editing is a must do. 

Just as much as you need to practice shooting and learning how to utilize all the bells and whistles on your fancy DSLR, you need to spend time researching different post processing techniques and developing an editing workflow that matches your style.

3 Simple Tactics Anyone Can Use To You Can Level Up Their Landscape Shots

Photo by sasint / CC0

Use Your Mistakes To Grow

In other words, you need to take your frustrations and use them to your advantage. Turn them on their head and use your mistakes to improve your craft.

Hopefully, we’ve covered some of the pain points you may be experiencing so you have a good starting point to progress. However, there can be many reasons you’re not getting the photos you want, and ultimately, it’s up to you figure out precisely why. Just remember, it’s not impossible–keep at it and before you know it, your images will improve!

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