Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

Edan Raw is a landscape photographer from the Sunshine Coast of Australia. His portfolio includes a lot or panroamas and beautiful seascapes. I recently had the opportunity to interview Edan about his work, and you can see his responses below. You’ll also see many of his photos showcased throughout the interview.

Edan Raw

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in photography.

My introduction to photography was when I was working away doing whats called fly in fly out, FIFO for short, mining construction. One of my work mates was a pretty keen photographer and I was pretty amazed with the creative in camera sort of stuff he was doing with his DSLR, so I lashed out and bought one myself. That was a Canon 500D, nothing special these days but it was enough to get me started.

Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

How would you describe your photographic style?

I love my panoramas! Every scene I look at I first think “will this work as a pano?” haha. I like to think that I have developed my own style along the way, as much as possible these days anyway. I try my best to keep things as natural as possible and try to keep I guess what you would call a traditional landscape photography style. I’m not a big fan off bringing out to many shadows. I love contrast.

Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

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What draws you to landscapes rather than other types of photography or subjects?

I think where I grew up and also my parents influence have a lot to do with it. I grew up in a place called Forest Glen and as the name suggests its a pretty densely forested area so I spent most of my child hood climbing trees and getting bitten by jumping ants. My parents always encouraged me to get outdoors and instilled a deep appreciation for the natural world from as early as I can remember. So I have always loved the outdoors and that has turned into a passion for landscape photography.

Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

Where do you find inspiration?

My original inspiration for going down the path of landscape photography was Australian panoramic photography master Ken Duncan. I just love his eye and what he captures on a panoramic film camera. So basically I just really study the compositions of peoples work I admire, people like Christian Fletcher, a lot of Australian photographers really, because that’s where I mostly want to shoot. Other than that nature itself. What is more inspirational than being by your self somewhere off the beaten path watching a beautiful sunrise unfold in front of you?

Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

What is one important lesson that you have learned through your own photography?

I would have to say perseverance and I guess patience comes with that. I have got so many photos bouncing around in my head that I am waiting to nail but the heavens haven’t quite aligned just yet. Also to take a leap and back yourself and put your self out there and open yourself up to criticisms and judgment from others, self doubt, all the questions and doubts that you have running around your mind when stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself.

Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

What software do you use for post processing?

My editing skills are pretty abysmal I’m afraid. I think that side of things has been a little slower for me as I am not very tech minded so its been a steep learning curve. I feel I am just getting to that stage almost 3 years on where I can edit my photos to accurately recreate the scene before me. I use Lightroom and Photoshop and that’s it.

Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

What is your typical process for planning and scouting?

The majority of what I consider my best work has been scouted beforehand and even shot half a dozen times before capturing what I want. On the other hand, my most popular image was a stroke of luck. I usually carry my camera around with me in the car with my go to 24-70mm. I am actually loaning a mates Fuji G617 with the fixed 105mm at the moment and trying to get my head around that beast. I’ve never shot a roll of film in my life so that will be interesting. There is nothing more satisfying for me than to see a composition, scout it, wait for the stars to align, and then capturing that scene in time and turning it into a piece of art.

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Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

Can you tell us about a few of your favorite locations to photograph in your local area?

I love the Glass House Mountains and All the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Such an incredible area with so many little hidden gems, I have only just scratched the surface. The Sunshine Coast is also blessed with golden beaches and beautiful subtropical forests with waterfalls around every corner so its not to hard to get motivated to get out and shoot.

Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

What are the biggest challenges you face in your work as a landscape photographer?

I think in this day and age with every second person owning a DSLR it is getting harder and harder to capture unique compositions and perspectives. So that’s what I really challenge myself to do most. To turn my back on the obvious photo and try and find something unique. Other than that just trying to get my work out there and recognised.

Interview with Landscape Photographer Edan Raw

Aside from photography, what hobbies do you have, or what do you like to do for fun?

Surfing, hanging at the beach. I have an interest in nutrition and alternate medicine so I’m always reading articles on that sort or thing. Boxing and calisthenics style stuff for a bit of exercise. Pretty busy at the moment with learning how to build websites so that is kind of a hobby/business that is keeping me busy.

Connect with Edan

If you’d like to get in touch with Edan or see more of his work, please use the links below:

All photos in this post are © Edan Raw, used with permission.

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