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40 Incredible Spring Photos for Your Inspiration

Spring will soon be here, and that means some of the best opportunities for landscape and nature photography are just around the corner. There are plenty of beautiful scenes to photograph during the spring, including blossoming trees, blooming flowers, vibrant greens coming to life, birds and other wildlife, as well as flowing creeks and waterfalls.

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25 Beautiful Black & White Landscapes

Shooting in black & white, or converting color images to black & white, often allows you to create powerful, moody photos. Black & white isn’t appropriate for every landscape or nature shot, but when the situation is right, going to black & white can be a very effective approach.

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40 Amazing Long Exposure Photos

Making creative use of shutter speed is one way to create memorable photos that stand out. Long exposures can use slow shutter speeds to create light trails, blur moving water, demonstrate drama in moving clouds, and more. Here you’ll find a collection of 40 creative long exposure photos for your own inspiration.

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3 Qualities Ansel Adams Had That Made Him A Master Landscape Photographer

For many landscape photographers, Ansel Adams is not just a role model, but a household name. Adams’ work has proven itself as timeless and has set the standard for modern landscape photography. So what is it that made Adams such a gifted artist? Of course, natural talent comes into play at some point, but it’s important not to dismiss the endless amount of hard work and dedication he put into his craft.

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35 Brilliant Examples of Sunrise Photography

One of the best habits you can develop as a landscape photographer is getting up early. Sunrise often presents the best light and opportunities for amazing photographs, not mention that you can often find yourself alone even at popular locations when you’re there ahead of sunrise.

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