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30 Photos That Make Use of Leading Lines

When it comes to photography composition, there are many different rules and principles that you can follow. One of the most effective ways to create interesting photos is to make use of leading lines that guide the eye of the viewer. When you’re photographing landscapes and urban landscapes, there are a number of different ways to use leading lines. Sometimes the lines be appear in nature, and other times it will be man-made objects that create the line.

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What to Photograph in Death Valley

Death Valley is as formidable a place as the name suggests. People die here from overexposure to the heat, particularly runners or those who are not prepared by bringing enough water and wearing protective clothing. It’s also a place with extreme settings. When the heat of the summer dies away, it gives way to extreme cold – and the scenery transforms with each change, too. There are heights and depths, extreme dryness along with the other phenomena, and tarmac roads stretching between areas of almost untouched nature.

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What to Photograph in Greece

If you are planning a trip to Greece, no doubt you will want to bring your camera along to take advantage of your temporary location. But there’s a big difference between vacation snapshots and professional landscape photography – and often it’s all about the ‘what’, not just the ‘how’. Here’s a list of some of the key points to photograph in Greece – and how you can get a different view to the average tourist that would be more in line with a portfolio.

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30 Amazing Photos of Storms

Weather plays a huge role in landscape and nature photography. The same scene can look completely different depending on the weather conditions. Photographing during storms can present plenty of challenges, but you’ll also have the opportunity to come away with some truly amazing photos that really grab attention.

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30 Beautiful Photos Taken in Mist and Fog

Weather and lighting have a huge impact on landscape and nature photos, and the same scene captured in varying conditions will look drastically different. The conditions considered by a photographer to be “good weather” are sometimes what most people would consider to be “bad weather”. Fog, mist, and haze are perfect for capturing images that have a certain mood or feeling. When the conditions are right, ordinary subjects can be transformed into something much more interesting and beautiful.

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40 Incredible Spring Photos for Your Inspiration

Spring will soon be here, and that means some of the best opportunities for landscape and nature photography are just around the corner. There are plenty of beautiful scenes to photograph during the spring, including blossoming trees, blooming flowers, vibrant greens coming to life, birds and other wildlife, as well as flowing creeks and waterfalls.

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Black and White Landscapes

Shooting in black & white, or converting color images to black & white, often allows you to create powerful, moody photos. Black & white isn’t appropriate for every landscape or nature shot, but when the situation is right, going to black & white can be a very effective approach.

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40 Amazing Long Exposure Photos

Making creative use of shutter speed is one way to create memorable photos that stand out. Long exposures can use slow shutter speeds to create light trails, blur moving water, demonstrate drama in moving clouds, and more. Here you’ll find a collection of 40 creative long exposure photos for your own inspiration.

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