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21 Amazing Photos of Mountains

Mountains are a common and popular subject in landscape photography, and with good reason. Whether the mountains serve as a background to a pristine lake or blooming flowers, or the mountains provide the focal point of the photograph, they can play an integral role.

In this post we’ll showcase 21 beautiful photos of mountains captured by a variety of different photographers. Let these images inspire you and give you some ideas that can be put to use in your own photography.

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How to Use Lightroom’s Graduated Filter Tool

Lightroom’s graduated filter tool is an invaluable resource when processing landscape photos. With the graduated filter tool you can make selective adjustments that impact a certain part of your photo without impacting other parts. For example, if you wanted to lighten the foreground area below the horizon without impacting the sky.

The graduated filter tool is fairly simple to use, and in this video Simon Plant covers the basics of the tool, how it works, and shows examples in real world situations.

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Photographer’s Guide to Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is one of the most beautiful places in the United States, and a popular destination for landscape photographers. The gorgeous landscape of red rocks is both unique and impressive. The red rocks are a classic icon of the American southwest, and Sedona is one of the best places to catch these views.

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Tips for Better Sunset Photography

A beautiful sunset. A scene bathed in spectacular light –sunsets are a photographer’s dream come true, presenting a chance for some truly dramatic images.

But while sunsets present excellent photo opportunities, capturing the tremendous beauty of a sunset can be difficult! It’s hard to convey the complex range of colors, light, and beauty of a sunset, into a simple two-dimensional image. And then there is the issue with camera settings: often, what we see in-person, and what the camera renders as an image, are two entirely different things.

To combat these challenges, arm yourself with the tools that you need to create dynamic sunset images. Whether you’re just getting started with sunset photography, or looking to brush up on some technique, here are some tips that will get you on track.

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10 Hidden Gem Landscape Photography Locations in the U.S.

Last week we showcased 15 of the most iconic destinations for landscape photography in the United States. While all of those locations are well worth a visit, there are plenty of other locations that are equally perfect for photographing, even if they are not as well known. Today we’ll showcase 10 of these under-the-radar locations. Many of these places are popular within their regions, but they don’t have the national, or even worldwide, recognition of places like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone.

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21 Apps for Nature and Landscape Photography

As a landscape photographer you probably appreciate the solitude of being surrounded by nature and away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Cell phones and technology contribute to the fast-paced style of modern life, but smartphones can also be extremely useful even when you are out in the field working at your craft. The are many apps that can help in a variety of different ways, and in this article we’ll take a look at more than 20 of the best apps for nature and landscape photographers. Here you’ll find apps that will help you to find the best lighting, get tide information, calculate depth of field, calculate long exposures, GPS apps, and much more.

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15 Dream Locations in the U.S. for Landscape Photographers

The United States is filled with a wide variety of differing climates and geography that present plenty of possibilities for landscape photographers. While it’s possible to create amazing landscape photos without leaving your local area, some places in the country offer views and scenery that you can’t get elsewhere. In this post we’ll take a look at 15 of the most iconic locations for landscapes within the U.S.

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Sunset Photography: 30 Stunning Examples

Sunset is, of course, one of the favorite times for photographers, and with good reason. A beautiful sunset can provide perfect lighting and stunning colors that result in great photos. Here we’ll showcase 30 sunset photos from various photographers for your own inspiration.

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Gear and Resources for Night Photography

Landscape photos taken at night can have a completely different feel as compared to a photo of the same scene taken during daylight hours. Night photography also presents plenty of opportunities to capture beautiful images of the moon and stars. Night photography has some specific gear requirements, and there are also a number of apps and resources that can prove to be invaluable. Here you’ll find a description of resources, gear, and accessories that can help to take your night landscape and night sky photography to the next level.

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How to Process a Sunset Landscape Photo in Lightroom

In this article we’ll walk through the process of editing a sample sunset photo in Lightroom with the help of the workflow presets from the Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets. Landscape Legend is our extensive collection of presets for quickly processing your landscape and nature photos. The set includes 100 one-click presets for quick results, as well as a comprehensive collection of stackable workflow presets that give you endless possibilities while still helping you to speed up your workflow. Through this tutorial I’ll show how the workflow presets can help you to edit your photos in just a few clicks.

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