Guide to Long Exposure Landscape Photography

Using a long exposure is a great way to create a particular mood with a landscape photo. You could be using a slow shutter speed to soften the appearance of moving water, to emphasize the movement of a story sky, or to give a photo a dreamy feel. Long exposure landscapes can be very captivating, but they also require a little bit of practice to get just right. This article provides several tips that can help you to get awesome results with your own long exposures.

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New Features in Lightroom 6: HDR Merge and Panorama Merge

Lightroom 6 (also known as Lightroom CC) was released a few weeks ago and among the most significant and popular new features, especially for landscape and nature photographers, are the HDR merge and panorama merge which allow you to now create HDR images and panoramas without leaving Lightroom. In this video Simon Plant walks through the process of using each of these new features. They are both fairly easy to use and can speed up your editing process by saving you from needed to leave Lightroom to create HDR and panoramic images.

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An Intro To Filters For The Landscape Photographer

The use of filters when shooting has become somewhat of a debated topic over the past few years, as many photographers are looking towards in-camera color balancing, bracketing, and various other post production techniques to accomplish the look they are going for. While it may be possible to replicate some filter-like effects in post production, certain types of filters have proven to be irreplaceable and are the unsung heroes in many landscape photographer’s gear bags. Here are three of the most common filters used among landscape photographers.

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13 Accessories That Should Be in Every Landscape Photographer’s Camera Bag

Being prepared is a big part of having success as a landscape photographer. That preparation can involve scouting locations, understanding the weather and lighting, and having the right gear with you. Of course, a camera, lens, and tripod are essential for landscape photography, but there are also several other accessories that you should always have in your camera bag in case you need them. In this article we’ll look at 13 different accessories that will prove to be extremely useful to you.

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