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Author: Tiffany Mueller

How To Capture Dynamic Looking Skies In Your Landscape Photography

An interesting sky is almost as important to a landscape photo as the land beneath it. If the sky lacks interest or is improperly exposed, it can take away from the overall quality of the image. So what’s the secret to capturing those stunning and eye catching skies we see in the work of our favorite landscape photographers? While there’s really no secret formula, there are a handful of things we can do. Let’s take a look at some of those techniques.

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3 Qualities Ansel Adams Had That Made Him A Master Landscape Photographer

For many landscape photographers, Ansel Adams is not just a role model, but a household name. Adams’ work has proven itself as timeless and has set the standard for modern landscape photography. So what is it that made Adams such a gifted artist? Of course, natural talent comes into play at some point, but it’s important not to dismiss the endless amount of hard work and dedication he put into his craft.

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Are You Making These Common Landscape Photography Mistakes?

Believe me when I tell you there’s more to landscape photography than wide angle lenses and a dramatic horizon. While those two things can indeed help you get an awesome photo, there’s a lot you can do (or, in this case, avoid doing) that can make your landscapes images look like a million bucks. So, next time you’re out there shooting, ask yourself if you’re committing any of these common landscape photography mistakes that could be holding you back.

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An Introduction To Photographing Urban Landscapes

Urban landscape photography is somewhat of a mishmash of different genres. It takes influence from traditional landscape photography as well as cityscape photography, architectural photography, and even pulls some of its style from street photography. With influence coming from so many directions, it can sometimes be hard to define just exactly what an urban landscape is–but at it’s core, it’s much like the landscapes we know and love, in that the photos tell the story of what a place is and looks like.

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What Is Hyperfocal Distance And How Can It Sharpen Your Landscape Photography?

One of our main objectives when taking photos is making sure the focus is sharp in the areas we want it to be, and when shooting landscapes–where a deep depth of field is generally required–sometimes it can be a little tricky to get the focus spot on in all the right places. It’s not uncommon to have both foreground and background elements that need to be in focus when taking a landscape, and photographers are often challenged in doing so.

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Guide To Shooting Landscapes In Low Light

Low light photography can be intimidating and sometimes even quite frustrating. But, it’s worth putting in the effort to learn how it’s done, as you can make some pretty incredible photographs once the lights go down. Photographing the stars and the night sky is a popular style of low light photography, but there’s a whole world of photo worthy landscapes waiting to be discovered. You can use the following tips as a primer to get you started capturing them all.

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Guide To Shooting Panoramics

There’s a lot to keep in mind when shooting panoramic images. Anytime you are trying to make one photo out of many, there’s more things that can go wrong if you’re not paying close attention to details. For example, you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of overlap between each frame to ensure you can get a good stitch once you bring the frames into your software of choice.

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An Intro To Filters For The Landscape Photographer

The use of filters when shooting has become somewhat of a debated topic over the past few years, as many photographers are looking towards in-camera color balancing, bracketing, and various other post production techniques to accomplish the look they are going for. While it may be possible to replicate some filter-like effects in post production, certain types of filters have proven to be irreplaceable and are the unsung heroes in many landscape photographer’s gear bags. Here are three of the most common filters used among landscape photographers.

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