Author: Sheen Watkins

Photographing Water – Solid, Liquid and Gas

The three three states of matter – solid, liquid and gas apply to water. They all look so different that we may not even think about the fact we are simply photographing water. Understanding conditions that create the various states combined with ideas for inspiration will help us take advantage of water’s diverse beauty.

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The Filters Factor: Adding WOW to your Images

The filter factor! As photographers we all want to spend time in the field creating beautiful, impactful images. Filters can play a significant factor in making that happen. Photographers almost universally agree that lighting is extremely important, if not the most important element. Lighting brings out detail, frames our subjects and plays a major role in our composition. The right lighting when combined with good composition and techniques, makes our images shine. When the lighting doesn’t work, many of those files end up being dropped quickly into the digital dumpster. The use of filters provides additional creativity and management of light.

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Bring Out the Wild in Wildlife Photography

To capture the wild in wildlife, it’s a combo pack of timing, skill, patience and taking many shots. Birds, bears, wolves and other animals are not perfect posers. In most cases we have just a few quick moments to fire a few snaps. We have to think and react quickly. At the same time, we need to be thinking ahead of our subject.

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Photographing Macro Moments: 5 Tips

Magical macro moments exist all around us. It’s only a matter of seeing them–noticing these tiny details that often go unseen, and then capturing them with your camera. These five macro photography techniques will help you interpret the close up world that catches your eye.

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How to Photograph in Mist & Fog

Just as sunrises and sunsets are quickly fleeting, mist and fog can hover like a blanket and then disappear within minutes. Mist may be isolated in pockets, light and filmy or in dense layers. Images with fog and mist bring a moody element. Melancholy, haunting, mysterious or romantic – consider your favorite movie or poem that references fog as an element in pivotal scenes.

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Photographing Piers & Boardwalks

Piers and boardwalks in photography illicit positive memories as many greetings occurred as ships and boats returned from their time on the water. They also represent a sense of melancholy as we’ve waved farewells while watching our loved ones fade into the sunset from that same spot.

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Protecting Your Work and Your Camera Gear The Right Way

Our photography work is more than just a photo. It’s our work, our vision, our end result and our personal investment of time and money. We spend a lot of money on our cameras, lenses, accessories, computers and post processing technology. When we start totaling up the dollars to replace the replaceable (i.e. a broken lens, camera, etc), it can put a serious hit on the pocketbook.

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