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Author: Rhiannon D'Averc

Tips for Protecting Your Work from Unauthorized Use

Having your work stolen is a photographer’s worst nightmare. Seeing your work sold on t-shirts or greeting cards, or used on websites without your authorization, isn’t something that anyone wants. Particularly if the other party is making money, or using your images for something that you consider to be totally inappropriate, it could be very upsetting for you.

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How to Plan a Photographic Holiday

For landscape photographers in particular, traveling is important to get new shots and find new scenes. While an impressive study can be made of staying in one place and using that as your only subject for a whole body of work, most photographers prefer to discover new places – and this may be essential if you find professional work in this field.

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How to Analyse your Own Photography Work

Looking back at your own work and thinking about it in a critical way is very difficult for most people. The reason behind this is that we’re often simply too close to the images to be able to see them like an impartial outsider. However, there are ways that you can successfully analyse your work, training yourself to see what is good about it and what could be improved. Here are some tips to use to look at your work in a new light.

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Long exposure 101

Long exposure is a technique that you may hear discussed often when it comes to landscape photography. It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal, so if you have never tried it before, you should certainly consider learning how to do it. Here’s everything you need to know to get started with long exposure landscape photography.

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The Power of Monochrome in Landscape Photography

Monochrome is a tool that often divides opinions. Some people think that photography is only truly worthwhile or notable when the hallowed tones of black and white are used, whether on film or through manipulation of digital images. Others believe that monochrome is old hat – a fad used only by amateurs and old photographers who can’t let go of the past. So, where does monochrome stand with landscape photography? The truth is that, like any technique, you could use, monochrome works when it works – and when used incorrectly, it doesn’t.

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Tips for Shooting Better in Winter Weather

When the winter strikes, some landscape photographers head indoors and wait for the spring to get their cameras out again. If you’re one of those that doesn’t mind getting wet, cold, or enduring icy conditions for the image, then you may not be fully happy with the results that you are getting. Use these tips and techniques to ensure that you can shoot better in winter weather.

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