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13 Accessories That Should Be in Every Landscape Photographer’s Camera Bag

Being prepared is a big part of having success as a landscape photographer. That preparation can involve scouting locations, understanding the weather and lighting, and having the right gear with you. Of course, a camera, lens, and tripod are essential for landscape photography, but there are also several other accessories that you should always have in your camera bag in case you need them. In this article we’ll look at 13 different accessories that will prove to be extremely useful to you.

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How to Create an Old Film Effect in Photoshop

Recently we released a free Old Film Photoshop Action (courtesy of our friends at Shutter Pulse) that makes it easy to give your photos a nice aged-film look. Actions are a great way to speed up your workflow, but they shouldn’t replace the need to understand the ins and outs of Photoshop. Today we’ll walk through the process of creating this old film look from scratch. The settings and adjustment layers used in this tutorial are the same ones used by the Old Film Photoshop Action. Let’s get started.

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How to Sharpen Your Photos in Photoshop

Achieving ideal sharpness is an important part of creating the best photos possible. While you should certainly take the appropriate steps to capture sharp photos, applying some additional sharpening in post production will be necessary with many photos, especially those that you will be using for prints. Both Photoshop and Lightroom offer you the opportunity to sharpen your photos. In this tutorial we’ll cover the sharpening options in Photoshop.

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35 Brilliant Examples of Sunrise Photography

One of the best habits you can develop as a landscape photographer is getting up early. Sunrise often presents the best light and opportunities for amazing photographs, not mention that you can often find yourself alone even at popular locations when you’re there ahead of sunrise.

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Free Super Sharp & Vibrant HDR Lightroom Preset

Today we have a free Adobe Lightroom preset that can help to dramatically boost and transform your photos. The preset will boost the dynamic range of your photos, as well as adding vibrance to the colors, and sharpening. Check out the sample before and after photos below, and download it to start using with your own photos. The preset works with Lightroom 4 and newer. If you don’t already have Lightroom you can download a free trial here. Download the free...

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