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13 Amazing Locations with Otherworldly Landscapes

If you are interested in capturing very interesting landscapes that seem to be out of this world, there are a number of locations that make it possible. In this article we’ll look at 13 different places in the United States that are perfect for photos that will really stand out.

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Interview with Landscape and Travel Photographer Pratap J

 Pratap J is a landscape and travel photographer from India and he recently agreed to participate in an interview. In addition to his own photography outings, Pratap also manages a photo blog and leads photography workshops and tours. You can learn more about Pratap at his site,

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Interview with Ruth Grindrod

Ruth Grindrod is a landscape photographer based in Norfolk, East Anglia, England. Her photos mostly showcase the natural beauty of the United Kingdom. She has a great deal of experience as a photographer and teacher, and recently I had the opportunity to interview her.

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Interview with Robert Rodriguez, Jr.

I recently had the opportunity to interview landscape photographer, teacher, and author Robert Rodriguez, Jr. Robert lives in the Hudson Valley of New York, and as someone who teaches, speaks, and leads workshops, he has a great deal of insight to share.

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