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Author: Jitendra

The Surprising Power and Versatility Of The Fisheye Lens

Among professional landscape photographers – and professional photographers of many kinds – fisheye lenses are widely considered to be a gimmick. Many photographers think that, due to the distortion and surrealistic effects of a fisheye lens, these lenses do not lend themselves well to landscape photography. We certainly are not going to tell you that you should purchase a high-quality fisheye lens when you’re just starting out as a photographer. You’ll be much better off building up a collection of lenses that includes telephoto, wide-angle, and other such lenses – at least, when you’re a beginner.

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Understanding Crop And Full Frame Sensors

If you’re a beginner photographer, understanding the differences between crop sensors and full-frame sensors can be one of the most difficult parts of purchasing a camera, lenses, and other gear. There are many posts out there comparing crop sensors and full frame sensors, but in this article, our goal is to explain the basics about full frame and crop sensors in a simple and easy-to-understand way – and clear up some of the facts (and fiction) related to this subject.

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Tips For Long-Exposure Ocean Photography

Long-exposure ocean photography is absolutely stunning. By increasing your exposure time, you can capture ethereal images of water flowing over rocks, breaking against cliffs, and flowing smoothly. The effect of a long-exposure ocean photograph is absolutely incredible, especially when paired with a scenic landscape.

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Desert Photography 101

There’s nothing quite like a desert landscape at sunset. Streaks of pink, yellow, and orange streaming across the blue sky, silhouetting a Saguaro in the Sonoran desert – it’s an image that will stay with you forever, especially if you’re a photographer! But photographing in the desert brings its own unique set of challenges. Whether you’re photographing a desert near you, or going on an expedition across America – or even internationally – you need to be prepared with the right gear, equipment, techniques, and safety precautions.

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Tips For Stunning Night Sky Photographs

Night sky photographs are absolutely stunning when properly shot. Long exposures allow the stars and the Milky Way to shine through, and pairing a gorgeous landscape with a spectacular night sky is a sure-fire way to capture an amazing shot. But night sky photography is not easy. You need the right tools and equipment, the right techniques, and the right location to capture a jaw-dropping photo of the sky. Not sure how to get started? You’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll go over some of our top tips for capturing spectacular night sky photographs. Make Sure...

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6 Steps To Photographing Birds Successfully

Even if you have some experience with wildlife photography, learning how to photograph birds can be a difficult hurdle. Birds are skittish and move quickly, and can be hard to capture – both while they’re sitting still on the ground or on a branch, or when they’re in flight.

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