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Author: Anes Mulalic

Light Pollution and Its Impact on Nature and Photography

There has been a lot of talk lately about pollution. Land, air and water pollution are all serious concerns for our environment. But did you know that light can also cause pollution? Though it may seem intangible at first, excessive light from artificial sources does have an adverse effect on us, our environment, health and safety, but also Earth’s ecosystem, including wildlife and insect development.

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How to Photograph a Moonrise

Moonrise and moonset photography can produce some rather beautiful, impactful images, but it’s not without its challenges. Unlike a typical day out to shoot street or landscapes, capturing a nice moonrise photo requires some extra preparation. In this short guide, we’ll cover everything from planning and preparation to equipment and how-to-shoot tips. Hopefully, you’ll learn how to photograph a moonrise worthy of a magazine cover. Or, at the very least, a nice wallpaper background for your computer.

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What Aperture Setting Should I Use?

If you’re a beginner photographer you might be wondering what’s the best aperture to use when you shoot, say a portrait, or a landscape. Well, as with all camera settings, choosing the aperture settings largely depends on what you’re shooting and what you want to achieve. You’ve seen portrait photos with sharp subjects with completely blurred, out-of-focus background and you’re wondering how you yourself could achieve this effect and make the subject pop. Or you might be interested in landscape and nightscape photography where you need everything up to infinity to be sharp and in focus.

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Intro to Astrophotography

What’s the only thing more beautiful in the night sky than a full moon? The Milky Way, of course! This Intro to Astrophotography guide is designed to introduce you to everything you need to know in order get started with astrophotography.

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Practical Guide to Photographing the Moon

How many times have you seen a beautiful full moon, so big and bright that you could make out specific features along its surface with the naked eye? If you’re like me, you’ve stopped in the middle of the street more than a few times to admire it and take in the magnificent view. No doubt you’ve even tried photographing the moon, likely with a smartphone or a digital camera, maybe even a DSLR, but ended up disappointed. How could you not, when all you saw in the photo was a white glowing dot that paled in comparison with what your eyes were seeing.

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Intro to Drone Landscape Photography

In the last few years we’ve seen a huge rise in popularity of drones, especially camera drones. Both the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and the camera industry have reached a level of technological progress that has enabled companies to produce consumer-affordable camera drones on a massive scale.

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