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Photographing Bushkill Falls (Pennsylvania)

For waterfall lovers and landscape photographers, Bushkill Falls is an amazing destination. Located in the Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania, this privately-owned property boasts 8 waterfalls, beautiful creeks, and a few miles of hiking trails.

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Photographing the Waterfalls of the Delaware Water Gap

In total, there are seven different waterfalls that can be visited along this tour. There are many other waterfalls within the Delaware Water Gap, but this tour will take you to several of the most noteworthy and will allow you to visit them rather quickly. None of these waterfalls require a long hike to see, so you could photograph all seven of them in one day.

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Photography Guide to Blackwater Falls State Park (West Virginia)

Located in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, Blackwater Falls State Park is a great place to photograph several beautiful waterfalls as well as amazing views of the Blackwater Canyon. The park is beautiful in all seasons, and in this article we will take a look at what Blackwater Falls State Park has to offer for photographers.

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Photographing Catoctin Mountain Park and Cunningham Falls State Park (Maryland)

In northern Maryland, just a little more than an hour drive outside of Baltimore, are two parks that are adjacent to each other. The beautiful mountain setting of Catoctin Mountain Park and Cunningham Falls State Park provides photographers with opportunities to capture a cascading waterfall, mountain streams, beautiful rocks, scenic vistas, and captivating forests.

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Photographing Rocks State Park (Kilgore Falls) in Maryland

Rocks State Park in northern Maryland is just an hour’s drive outside of Baltimore, making it a great option for nature photographers living in, or visiting, the city. There are two main features in the park that will appeal to photographers. The first is Kilgore Falls, a beautiful 19-foot waterfall. The second is the King and Queen Seat, a 190-foot rock outcropping that rises about the surrounding forest.

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Photography Guide to Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park in Virginia is a beautiful mountain park that is a great place to photograph. Located about 70 miles west of Washington, DC, Shenandoah is one of the top national parks in the east and is easy to reach and access. It is known for being especially picturesque during autumn, as well as for the abundant wildlife within the park. This page will give an overview of the park and the most noteworthy locations and trails for photographers, so if you are planning a trip it should help with your scouting and planning.

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8 Reasons to Re-Visit the Same Locations

If you’re like me you are always interested in finding new places for landscape and nature photography. Maybe it is a local destination that you can easily get to, or maybe it is a far off destination that requires some planning and a trip. Regardless, being able to see and experience new locations is fun and exciting. However, there are also a lot of benefits to re-visiting the same locations multiple times. In this article we’ll look at eight of those reasons.

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7 Ideas for Spring Photography Projects

The experience and end result of nature and landscape photography varies greatly throughout the year as weather and seasons change. Most of us in the northern hemisphere are happy to see the cold weather of winter coming to an end, knowing that spring and summer are just around the corner.

Spring is a great season for getting outside and working on your craft. If you are looking for a specific project to get your creative juices flowing, there are many different things that you can do. In this article I’ll list 7 possible subjects that will allow you to enjoy spring while photographing the nature around you.

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